A young adult

fantasy series

by Virginia Burton Stringer

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MAAGY Heir in the Mirror



Crown Princess Melania Abigail Alice Grace is a brat! Maagy is willful, spoiled, and tempestuous. She throws a temper tantrum on her thirteenth birthday because there is no spumoni ice cream for breakfast. After a food fight and a ruined magic show make a fiasco of her party, King Henry sends his daughter to bed. He is at his wit's end. He knows he must take drastic action soon, as she must take her mother’s crown in only five years. If only his precious Queen Melania were still alive, she would know how to handle Maagy’s abhorrent behavior. King Henry refuses to speak of her mother causing Maagy’s anger to secretly fester.

He takes her to Summer Castle under the tutelage of Grandma Polly and Grandpa Kris, the elderly caretakers with a secretive past. As Maagy explores the enormous Whitmore Estate, she discovers rooms she can never find again, endless hallways that turn back on themselves, and lights with no fuel source among other delicious mysteries. She meets some odd characters along the way. Her adventurous nature and insatiable curiosity lead her in and out of trouble, as her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.


"I have loved this book so much that I have recommended it to my friends that have teenage girls, but this is a book for all ages!"

- Cynthia A.

"The precocious little Maagy delights the reader as she whirls her way through every adventure, while learning what it means to become a woman. This book series is a must read!"

- Eric H.

"Loved reading about Maagy's adventures! I can't wait for my daughter to start reading the series too!"

- Nicolette F.

MAAGY Avril in the Mirror


Princess Maagy has bid her best friend Mary a temporary farewell and boarded the big black carriage headed home for the holidays. Harvest Festival is over, and Krispen is just around the corner. Maagy will miss her friend but looks forward to seeing her again soon. Suddenly, something terrible happens. Maagy’s world is turned upside down. Her faith in everything and everyone around her is destroyed. Maagy slips into a deep malaise. She refuses to participate in decorating Avington Palace for Krispen. She won’t come out of her room and doesn’t get dressed most days. Lady Periwinkle is crushed when Maagy rebuffs their annual trip to Montclair for the Queen’s Tree Lighting. Maagy’s dear friend Lord Wesley Applegate seems to be the only one she will talk to, though reluctantly. She confides her fear and loneliness to him, but even he is unable to soothe her.

On the night before Krispen Eve, Maagy is awakened by an unexpected visitor who convinces her to embark upon a clandestine adventure. Along the way, Maagy begins to wonder about her secretive companion, as they journey through the desolate, snowy countryside. Maagy’s pluck and resolve are put to the test, as she must summon all her bravery to rescue her friend. Only time will tell if Maagy’s adventure is successful and her faith is restored.

Maagy Cover.png

"Loved the sense of holiday wonder and charm of this book. Maagy is getting in touch with her reality while igniting the believer in us all!"

- Nicolette F.

"It was exciting to see her develop friendships and use her sharp wit to work her way through a mystery. It was also great to see her start to deal with a crush on a boy and dealing with heartbreak. It shows how important friendships can be."

- E. Frishe

"I have been waiting for this continuation of the series and I was not disappointed. Interesting twists make this a must read for all ages."

- William N.

MAAGY Secret in the Sapphire Amulet



Princess Maagy has had great adventures and harrowing moments in her life, but none could prepare her for what she was about to discover behind the ominous doors she had never been allowed to enter.


King Henry surprises Maagy on her sixteenth birthday with a joyous, celebratory breakfast of pancakes and spumoni ice cream. However, his mood darkens when he tells her to meet him at the mysterious east tower. Henry pulls a key from around his neck and releases the heavy creaking door. Cobwebs reach and grab, as they ascend the darkened stairs. Once there, Henry begins to tell Maagy the truth about her mother’s death and enigmatic lineage. The greatest mystery in Maagy’s life has been her mother Queen Melania. How and when did she die? Why will her father never speak of her? His stubborn refusal to answer her questions has only fueled her inner rage. Maagy has been intrigued by her resemblance to the mysterious warrior woman in a portrait at Whitmore Estate, but no one knows her identity. Then Henry shows her a large blue crystal. Little does Maagy realize the significance of the portrait, the woman in it, or how her life will change when she takes hold of the mysterious blue crystal. Her destiny is before her, as her next and most challenging adventure begins.

"[I felt] like I was right there with Maagy, learning about her mysterious past and feeling the sorcery along with it."

- Patricia L.

"I genuinely could not put this book down once I got started ... This book really had it all, showing that a spoiled, impetuous young brat can rise to and exceed everyone's expectations of her, including the expectations she had for herself."

- E. Frishe

"Beautiful imagery and a powerful message of self discovery and strength as Maagy finds her purpose."

- Nicolette F.

MAAGY in the Battle of Blood Moon


MAAGY in the Battle of Blood Moon is the most action packed installment so far. Maagy temporarily assumes the crown and becomes the soldier she is trained to be. King Henry has mysteriously disappeared from Avington Palace on the night of Maagy's dubbing. She is forced to take control of the Throne and plan battle strategy before her markings have healed or the ink is dry on her diploma. Maagy is tasked with first, finding out where her father is being held, and then devising a plan to rescue him. She finds herself locked into a sinister game of cat-and-mouse with the emperor of Terrasicus, with whom there have been centuries of bad blood between the two families. Her fear, inexperience, and stubbornness threaten to unravel her success, until she begins to follow her own instincts and forge ahead with a scheme reminiscent of her crystal vision on her sixteenth birthday. This intense fast-moving adventure includes romance, intrigue, epic battles, and unexplained miracles.


"Although the book series was originally developed and written for younger readers, I (a 69 year old) have enjoyed all of them. This book, by far, is the best one of the series."

- Jim

"All the characters came back to life as I got into the adventure again. I am in awe! It just gets better and better."

- Susan

"I am on pins and needles for your next book! My heart is invested in these characters!"

- Nicolette F.

Future Adventures

MAAGY in the Power to Conjure

In the aftermath of devastating losses suffered in war, Maagy must pick up the pieces of her broken kingdom, the valley, and her life and find peace and purpose for living. 

Finished & Ready for Publication

MAAGY by the Sword of Aradin

Just when Maagy’s world seems bright again, an evil force from the past threatens to destroy everything she has regained. This novel takes a dark and surly turn, as it explores a subject not spoken of in polite society.

Almost Finished

MAAGY in the Castles of Reland

Three years have passed. Maagy’s growing desire to explore her powers of sorcery has caused a slight rift in her relationship with her husband, but she is determined to pursue it regardless of the consequences.

Almost Finished

MAAGY and the Warlock of Candlewyke Castle

Spins yet another tale in Maagy’s on-going responsibility to keep her magic pure and white.

In Development

MAAGY is the Last Heir

Jumps into the future for a look at what has come to pass for Maagy and her family. The ending will leave you weeping, as Maagy’s story ends the only way it possibly could.

In Development

About the Author

Virginia Burton Stringer

Virginia Burton Stringer is a critically acclaimed playwright and author of The Maagy Series. Ms. Stringer grew up in Mathews, Virginia spending most of her childhood on her grandparent’s farm. Her days were filled with freedom to roam and interaction with horses, cattle, chickens, and pigs Grandpa Kris and Grandma Polly are based on her grandparents.

Virginia wrote and published the one-act play, “Can You Hear Them Crying?”, Pioneer Drama, in 1992, published in 1994 and still being requested by theatre groups and educators all over the world. She toured the southeastern US with her children’s theatre production company Wings Theatre by Young People throughout the 1990s. Her productions, seen by thousands, earned sterling reviews. CYHTC? has been republished in two other books and is used widely for Holocaust education.


Virginia began her YA novel series in 2004 as a short children’s play about a bratty little princess and her exasperated father. Her inspiration came from watching her girls grow up and face the many struggles of adolescence. At the same time, her son was coping with two princesses of his own. She began to reflect on the journey of her daughters, as well as her own journey into womanhood in a way that she had not done before, and thus, Princess Maagy was born. It soon became apparent it was not a play, not short, and not for children.


From high school, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in dramatic art. After a brief career as a professional actor, her interest in science led her to a bachelor’s degree in biology from UNC Charlotte. Eventually, however, her career path turned back toward theatre. She turned to directing, writing, and eventually teaching high school drama. Then the Maagy Series was born.  

Virginia has been a sponsor for International Thespian Society at two high school; adjudicated ITS competitions at the district and state level for more than 10 years; was a member of Florida Association of Theatre Educators and American Alliance of Theater Educators where she presented teaching and writing workshops at state and national level. She has presented many workshops on Holocaust education to Pinellas County, Florida teachers and Hillsborough County, Florida teachers. Virginia has presented independent theatre and writing workshops to all ages for many years as well.

She currently resides in Florida with her husband Bill and is a proud mother and grandmother.

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