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A young adult

fantasy series

by Virginia Burton Stringer

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MAAGY Heir in the Mirror


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MAAGY Heir in the Mirror sets the stage for what is to come for thirteen-year-old main character Princess Melania Abigail Alice Grace – Maagy – as she begins her journey toward womanhood. Foreshadowing of her mysterious heritage and complicated future is strategically placed within the pages of adolescent exploration and budding romance. Pivotal characters are introduced and hints toward impending conflicts are woven into this seemingly innocent tale of an impetuous little princess and her elderly father. Dark secrets surrounding Maagy’s mother begin to fester deep anger. This is not a novel for speed reading. Every chapter is a carefully planned clue.


"I have loved this book so much that I have recommended it to my friends that have teenage girls, but this is a book for all ages!"

- Cynthia A.

"The precocious little Maagy delights the reader as she whirls her way through every adventure while learning what it means to become a woman. This book series is a must read!"

- Eric H.

"Loved reading about Maagy's adventures! I can't wait for my daughter to start reading the series too!"

- Nicolette F.

MAAGY Avril in the Mission to Save Krispen


MAAGY ~ Avril in the Mission to Save Krispen begins with a harrowing event that leaves Maagy despondent and mistrustful. Her faith in everything and everyone is challenged by circumstances beyond her control. Moreover, King Henry is absent. Even Wesley’s quirky sense of humor cannot cheer her up. A clandestine adventure with an odd stranger in the middle of the night to save a cherished holiday tests Maagy’s courage, grit and guile, as she channels a beloved childhood heroine. This seemingly light-hearted holiday adventure is packed with hints toward Maagy’s uncertain future.

2-Maagy Avril E-Book.jpg

"Loved the sense of holiday wonder and charm of this book. Maagy is getting in touch with her reality while igniting the believer in us all!"

- Nicolette F.

"It was exciting to see her develop friendships and use her sharp wit to work her way through a mystery. It was also great to see her start to deal with a crush on a boy and dealing with heartbreak. It shows how important friendships can be."

- E. Frishe

"I have been waiting for this continuation of the series and I was not disappointed. Interesting twists make this a must read for all ages."

- William N.

MAAGY in the Change of Heart


3-Maagy Change of Heart E-Book.jpg

MAAGY in the Change of Heart exemplifies pubescent angst. Life turns dark and scary, as Maagy becomes aware of the adult world around her. Lingering nightmares continue to plague her. Her father’s refusal to discuss her mother drives Maagy to become belligerent and mischievous. Life becomes a roller coaster of emotions. Just when it seems her future is clear, her heart is broken on the most important night of her life, setting her on a path no one could have predicted. Strategically placed dark undertones lay the groundwork for Maagy’s tumultuous journey toward maturity, as her world is once again tossed into chaos. 

"[I felt] like I was right there with Maagy, learning about her mysterious past and feeling the sorcery along with it."

- Patricia L.

"I genuinely could not put this book down once I got started ... This book really had it all, showing that a spoiled, impetuous young brat can rise to and exceed everyone's expectations of her, including the expectations she had for herself."

- E. Frishe

"Beautiful imagery and a powerful message of self discovery and strength as Maagy finds her purpose."

- Nicolette F.

MAAGY in the Secret of the Charm


MAAGY in the Secret of the Charm begins with a sixteen-year-old princess caught up in a confusing scenario. Nothing in her idyllic life has prepared her for what she is about to discover in the forbidden east tower, as she is thrust into a vision of her ancestors’ enigmatic history; sending her on yet another fantastic adventure. Once again, her faith is challenged, but this time, by her own father who reveals ugly truths about her mother’s death, her own unusual heritage of sorcery, and her mysterious future as Elita, the Chosen One. Deepening anger drives Maagy toward a path in blatant defiance of her father, as their relationship takes on new dimension and her destiny is revealed.

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MAAGY in the Quest of Faith


5-Maagy Quest of Faith E-Book (1).jpg

MAAGY in the Quest of Faith thrusts Maagy into complicated political and romantic situations, as her adolescent defiance prevents her heart from relenting to her true feelings. She has disappeared from Academy in the middle of the night. An unexpected encounter makes her skin crawl, as other nefarious individuals become aware of her extraordinary heritage. Her astonishing performance as a cadet is further evidence that Maagy is exceptional. However, her Faith Quest, a journey of the utmost physical and mental challenges, will test every ounce of her strength and will. Just as she begins to explore her future and feel in control of it, she must unwittingly begin her journey toward fulfilling her destiny having not yet reached her seventeenth birthday.

MAAGY in the Knight Takes the Throne


MAAGY in the Knight Takes the Throne begins with a horrendous act of aggression toward the royal family that forces Maagy to take control of the crown and wage war against a powerful nemesis before the ink is dry on her diploma. Still only sixteen, she finds herself locked in a sinister game of cat-and-mouse with the emperor of Terrasicus with whom there have been centuries of bad blood between the two families. Her stubborn resistance to outside help coupled with her gross inexperience is a dangerous combination. Maagy must become the soldier she is trained to be.

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MAAGY in the Battle of Blood Moon


7-MaagyBattle of Blood Moon E-Book.jpg

Having recovered from a life-threatening injury, Maagy must return to the battlefield to lead her troops. However she must first overcome her own fears and misgivings about her ability to do the job. War rages for almost a year coming to a dramatic end when her mystic charms come to life. The Sword of Aradin, the sapphire amulet and the ruby bracelet unite in one last epic encounter. A flash of white light from the sky brings a stunning end to the fighting. Maagy is left with immeasurable heartbreak that throws her world into darkness and despair. This intense fast-moving adventure includes romance, intrigue, epic battles, and unexplained miracles. 

MAAGY in the Power to Conjure


MAAGY in the Power to Conjure details the aftermath of devastating losses suffered in war. Maagy’s greatest struggle is keeping her magic white and untainted by dark forces. The Triad of Power has been realized to release the sleeping magic within Elita, the Chosen One. Heartbroken, she must pick up the pieces of her ravaged kingdom, the valley and her life and find peace and purpose for living. Just as she is at her lowest, a series of unexpected visitors restore her strength and ability to go forward. However, as her uncontrolled powers begin to emerge, her curiosity about her abilities causes more trouble for the Warrior Queen.

8-Maagy in the Power to Conjure E-Book.jpg

MAAGY in The Castles of Reland


Maagy 9 E-Book.jpg

MAAGY in the Castles of Reland finds Maagy three years in the future after the Great War. Her legend as the Wizard Queen is growing. Her desire to explore her powers of sorcery has caused a rift in her relationship with her husband, but she is determined to pursue it regardless of the consequences. While on her journey of exploration to learn about her gift, her husband disappears. Evidence overlooked, old habits of mistrust, revelations from the afterlife, secrets exposed by the most hapless of characters all lead Maagy on a treacherous voyage to find her mate. Her discoveries only strengthen her resolve to become a more proficient conjurer.

MAAGY in the Legacy of Darkness


In her pursuit to find her missing husband, a harrowing journey to a foreign land pits Maagy against an evil sorceress with unexpectedly powerful sword skills bent on her destruction. A ring with malevolent magic is Maagy’s foil. An unexpected complication tests her ability to “mind the feathers” and continue walking in the light of righteousness. This is Maagy’s greatest and most heart-wrenching battle, as she must not only find her soulmate, but she must end an evil legacy, once and for all. This novel takes a dark and surly turn, as it explores a subject not spoken of in polite society.


"Although the book series was originally developed and written for younger readers, I (a 69 year old) have enjoyed all of them. This book, by far, is the best one of the series."

- Jim

"All the characters came back to life as I got into the adventure again. I am in awe! It just gets better and better."

- Susan

"I am on pins and needles for your next book! My heart is invested in these characters!"

- Nicolette F.

Future Adventures

MAAGY in the Beginning of Eternity at Candlewyke Castle

This final book in the MAAGY Book series reaches into the future for a look at what has come to pass for Maagy and her family. Maagy’s magic is widely accepted. Her growing family and affairs of state occupy her every minute, until a visitor from a far off land brings her unwelcome news about the occupants of the mysterious Candlewyke Castle. Once again, she is challenged by powerful forces of evil in her on-going responsibility to keep her magic pure and white. "It seems that those who are dead are never dead forever." Another nefarious character from the past threatens to undo all the good she has achieved by seeking to take the light of righteousness from her. The ending will leave you weeping, as Maagy’s story ends the only way it possibly could.

In Development

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About the Author

Virginia Burton Stringer

Virginia Burton Stringer is a critically acclaimed playwright and author of The Maagy Series. Ms. Stringer grew up in Mathews, Virginia spending most of her childhood on her grandparent’s farm. Her days were filled with freedom to roam and interaction with horses, cattle, chickens, and pigs Grandpa Kris and Grandma Polly are based on her grandparents.

Virginia wrote and published the one-act play, “Can You Hear Them Crying?”, Pioneer Drama, in 1992, published in 1994 and still being requested by theatre groups and educators all over the world. She toured the southeastern US with her children’s theatre production company Wings Theatre by Young People throughout the 1990s. Her productions, seen by thousands, earned sterling reviews. CYHTC? has been republished in two other books and is used widely for Holocaust education.


Virginia began her YA novel series in 2004 as a short children’s play about a bratty little princess and her exasperated father. Her inspiration came from watching her girls grow up and face the many struggles of adolescence. At the same time, her son was coping with two princesses of his own. She began to reflect on the journey of her daughters, as well as her own journey into womanhood in a way that she had not done before, and thus, Princess Maagy was born. It soon became apparent it was not a play, not short, and not for children.


From high school, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in dramatic art. After a brief career as a professional actor, her interest in science led her to a bachelor’s degree in biology from UNC Charlotte. Eventually, however, her career path turned back toward theatre. She turned to directing, writing, and eventually teaching high school drama. Then the Maagy Series was born.  

Virginia has been a sponsor for International Thespian Society at two high school; adjudicated ITS competitions at the district and state level for more than 10 years; was a member of Florida Association of Theatre Educators and American Alliance of Theater Educators where she presented teaching and writing workshops at state and national level. She has presented many workshops on Holocaust education to Pinellas County, Florida teachers and Hillsborough County, Florida teachers. Virginia has presented independent theatre and writing workshops to all ages for many years as well.

She currently resides in Florida with her husband Bill and is a proud mother and grandmother.

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